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Wall Coverings that aren't Wallpaper!

Have you been looking for a way to give your walls a punch but can't seem to bring yourself to install wallpaper? Check out the solution we found for these rooms!

One word: Stickers!

When I found these wall stickers on Etsy I knew that they were the perfect solution. These are individual stickers that we applied to the wall in a pattern that creates a 12" x 24" tile look.

The wall sitckers in the 12 x 24 tile pattern works great in this bedroom to bring a modern twist on the boho design.

In this second bedroom, the wall stickers are applied to the wall in a random pattern.

The wall stickers creates the perfect whimsical feel that this bedroom needed.

You have to admit that these wall stickers are a fun and unexpected way to add a new design element to a space. And the best part is that it isn't as permanent as wallpaper!

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