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DIY Embroidered Sweater Tutorial

Doesn't she look so cute in her new embroidered sweater?

I had so much fun researching how to add Evie's name to a sweater and gathering all the supplies! It scratched the creative itch that I had to do something with my hands. I wanted to show you how I did it! It's so easy - I've never embroidered anything or did anything with a needle before and I did it! You can do this!

Here's the supplies that you'll need:

- Yarn

I'm more of a visual learner so I found this youtube video online that I followed and I think she does a great job of breaking down the steps. If you are a visual learner as well look up this video:

1st Step:

The first thing you're going to want to do is take your embroidery pen and trace out the letters that you want to embroider. See picture below.

2nd Step:

Thread your yarn through your needle and insert it into the sweater from inside out into the bottom of your first letter. Leave about 2 inches of yarn inside the sweater before you start your first stitch.

3rd Step:

Thread the needle right back into the same hole you made - back into the inside of the sweater, then out where you want your first stitch to land. I made my stitches about 1/4" wide. As you pull the needle out of the sweater, make sure your needle goes through the loop that the yarn creates. See picture below.

4th Step:

Continue step #3 by inserting the needle back in the hole that your first stitch made and continue inserting the needle through the loop in the yarn. Continue stitching along the letters that you marked out with your embroidery pen.

5th Step:

Once all your stitches are made, you can turn the sweater inside out to get rid of any loose ends you made when getting started. In order to do this, thread the loose yarn end and weave it in and out of each stitch you made on the back. See picture below.

Once all the loose ends are weaved in through the back of the stitches, you're finished!!

I had a bunch of yarn leftover so I made a couple for Evie's cousin's as well! You don't need much yarn so if you have any leftover from a different project - use those up!

These cute sweaters are a fun and easy gift idea! Let me know if you make one - I'd love to see it!!

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