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Evie's Nursery Accent Wall

One of my favorite parts of Evie's room is the bird wall. I had been searching for the perfect item to add to the nursery and I came across this bird wallpaper from Lulu and Georgia:

I wanted to get this wallpaper so bad but I was having a hard time ordering it because of the price. Then I started thinking - what if I painted that? I consulted my friend, Mary and she assured me that we could do it ourselves. The next day she came over and helped me paint it on Evie's wall! I'm going to break down the steps so that you can do it too!

First gather your supplies:

- Brown paint

- Fine tip brush

- Black sharpie marker

- Construction paper

- Scissors

- Pencil

Next you're going to create your bird cut outs. I tried to get as close to the shape of the birds in the wallpaper as I could so here is what my bird cutouts look like:

After you cut out your bird shape then you can just treat those like a stencil and trace them

on your wall in random directions with your pencil.

Once this is finished, you can take your brown paint and fill in the bird shapes. Then once the paint is dry you add wing tips and beaks to your bird with your sharpie.

And the final touch is to add little dashes with your sharpie to the back of your bird in fun whimsical patterns.

The picture on the right is showing you how my birds look. I love how this bird wall turned out and it cost me way less than the actual wallpaper.

If you love the look of the actual wallpaper and don't want to take the time to paint birds here's a link to the wallpaper from Lulu and Georgia:

I believe that you can do this on your own though! It's super easy and it doesn't take very long either. Try it and let me know how it turns out!

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